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Industrial Cleaning Companies
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Heat Exchanger Maintenance

At Dalpro we offer a wide variety of processes to meet your requirements for the inspection and servicing of heat exchangers. Since 1993, we have developed these processes and understand the need to complete work on time to minimize down time and meet shutdown deadlines.
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Custom Inspections Dalpro Technologies Inc.


We can customize a plan to suit the individual needs of any property management, facility or maintenance group


Dalpro provides quick and accurate physical data on the operating performance of heat exchangers. We use digital flow meter testing, digital temperature testing and visual inspections of individual heat exchanger units to give you the most precise measurements.

Testing of Heat Exchangers
Chemical Cleaning and Chemical Flushing

In-Line Chemical Flushing

Dalpro has developed effective chemical solutions for the in-line cleaning and descaling of heat exchangers. This is a quick and efficient way to increase flow rates or reduce operating temperature – without the need for mechanical repairs or extended downtimes.

Descaling and Cooling Systems

Over time, heat exchangers often become covered in scale because water qualities are not always optimal. Scale build-up reduces heat transfer and can cause flow rates to drop dramatically. Dalpro can chemically descale heat exchangers, improving flow rates and returning the heat exchanger to optimal operating conditions.

In-Plant Descaling Chemical Cleaning
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